3D with HTML5 and CSS3 spreading around the web

Written by Peter Molnar
Do you remember, when the hologram message of Princess Leila popped out from R2-D2 in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s house?

OK, we haven’t been moved so fast, but recently the usage of 3D technology is increasing. I found these new results around the net, both of them thought-provoking idea.

First is the usage of 3D on web pages, based on CSS3 and HTML5. I remember the 90’s, when an animated gif had a WOW effect. Acko has a great design, with amazing 3D perspective: http://acko.net/

Another very interesting experiment connected to Microsoft Kinect. George MacKerron made a fascinating project, based on HTML5 and WebGL, called depthcam. When I saw it first time I felt like Obi-Wan… When he was young, and a startup company released first beta version of Hologram Messaging System, somewhere in the Galaxy….


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