Mailpiler: the email vacuum cleaner

I have recently found an interesting, open source system, which could really useful, if you have to archive your email traffic of your organization. I have to admit, that it was always a problem for me, especially with the Exchange Server 2003, where the mailbox size limited to 2GBs…

However, it still could be an issue, because it is true, that on new Exchange servers you can create 15Gigs mailboxes, but it could be pain in the neck, if you want to search inside it through a 3G connection.

In fact, mailpiler is an SMTP daemon, which accept mails, and then it can store it and – through a web interface – you can search inside of these emails. Costs are really low: you can install it yourself:). Mailpiler project is available on the project’s page:

The documentation was a bit poor for me, moreover I have to install it on CentOS. Anyway, the outcome is my first How to, enjoy it: 

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