SSL Certificate error when manage Exchange 2k3 Public Folders

Written by Peter Molnar
Today’s life-saver trick came from Jim McBee. Jim is an Exchange MVP (as far as I know),   and has a great blog about (Mostly) Exchange.

Let’s see the situation,that I faced today: My former colleague pleased me to help about server issues, which is very annoying, and they have no more idea left. (Actually this situation called as 2nd Level Support;)). So they could not access to Public Folder management through the Exchange System Management console. The error message was:

The SSL certificate server name is incorrect.
ID no: c103b404 

I jumped into the investigation. They are using Self Signed certificates, which is good enough in this situation, the partner is a small-sized business. Furthermore, they have  more than one domain name, and they can use any of the names to get access to the Outlook Web Access! When I started playing with certificates for these domain names, I had another error:

The token supplied to the function is invalid
ID no 80090308

Without a luck, and after 1 hour of playing with trying Microsoft solutions, described in Knowledge Base 324345: and Technet, in a discussion about migrating server with same errors I found the Holy Grail, in Jim’s blog and in the ADSIEDIT, and removing only one parameter from Exchange Configuration.

Check out Jim’s solution which is working.

Thank you, Jim!

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